This blog is my collected memory - entry at own risk.

The main purpose of this blog, is to act as a memory bank of all that i do and learn. To no extend am i trying to create a cool og clever blog.

So if you're thinking - "This a weirdly inconsistens and strange blog."
That's because it is - you're basically looking at my mind in blog format.
It's quantity over quality. It's bits and pieces over finished and finalised. It's weird quotes and my thoughts in text. And its primary function is to archive everything I learn and do. From the most absurd little scetch or silly quote, to the most elaborate 3D model or concept art. In short - this blog is mostly for my own and my co-students amusement. And it probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense to anyone else.

Almost everything on the site is my own creations of some sort.
Surely - there will be photos, of stuff i did not create myself - the Star Wars badge fx. But it's still my own photo.
All in all - stuff i do and see.

Here are some links to my other sites:

Game design portfolio - www.krop.com/jonathantrier
Poster design blog - ialsodoposters.tumblr.com/
Graphic design portfolio - jonathantrier.dk

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